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Copper Bowl with handles

Product Dimensions:
Diameter: 270mm
Depth: 130mm
Volume 4.2 litre

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3515 Bowl, grande with forged iron handles $216.00

This beautiful hand crafted copper bowl is simply beautiful.

Copper has long been known as the best performing of culinary materials - not just because of its excellent heat conductivity - but becasue of its magical properties when whisking egg whites.  The (harmless) reaction of copper to the whites stiffens them so they tend to expand to almost 3 times the normal volume you would expect.

The bowl is also ideal for caramelsing sugar on a stove - perfect for candied nuts and the like - the wrought iron handles give the cook firm control when shaking nuts through a lucious caramel.

* Sizes may vary slightly due to the handmade nature of this product