Beetroot Scented with Mandarin, Pickled in Rice Wine

Beetroot Scented with Mandarin, Pickled in Rice Wine


8 medium beetroot (2kg approx.)

4 cups rice wine vinegar

½ cup sugar or 1/8 cup lightly scented honey

1 tbls peppercorns

2 blades mace 

5cm piece fresh ginger peeled and thinly sliced

dried rind of 2 whole mandarins

6 cloves


Roast beetroot with skin on in moderate oven,wrapped tightly in foil, until just before soft (approx 40 minutes).  Using gloves, remove skins while still warm and pack into # 20 Fowlers Bottles.  Fill bottles with rice wine and aromats.


Place No. 3 rings onto 2 x No.20 bottles


Place Stainless Steel lids and clips onto bottles and process the bottles in your Fowlers Vacola Preserver, according to preserver type.


Store in a cool dark place for 3-4 weeks before using, so as to allow flavours to infuse.

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