Spicy Bottled Tomatoes

Spicy Bottled Tomatoes

Yield approx 2 x #20 Fowlers Bottles


1 kg ripe tomatoes 

2 cloves garlic crushed

2 long red chillies finely chopped

1/2 tbs cumin seeds (pan roasted & crushed )

2 tbs coriander leaves

1 lime - juiced 


Wash tomatoes and dice, combine with other ingredients in a bowl, if you want your Con Carne really warm add a tsp of cayenne pepper.

 Divide between 2 # 20 Fowlers bottles add 1 tbs of lime juice per jar and top jars up with water leaving a 12 mm head space.  Seal with ring, s/s lid & clip.  Process in your Simple Natural Preserving Kit for 60 minutes.

To make Con Carne Saute one onion in a pan with a little oil, add 1 x # 20 Bottle of Spicy Tomatoes a can of your favourite beans & cook on a medium heat for approx 10 minutes.

Serve with flatbread, sour cream and lime cheeks.

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