With our Fowlers Ultimate Dehydrator, you can preserve the
delicious taste of seasonal foods and enjoy 100% natural
snacks free from additives and preservatives.
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Why dry foods?
What can be dehydrated?
Our Ultimate
Dehydrator features
Hints and things
to remember

Why dry foods?

Dehydrating is:
  • economical - saves you money when you shop
  • creative - dry and make foods to suit your taste
  • simple - just slice and dry, there's no preparation
  • natural - you only need to use natural ingredients
  • waste reducing - leftover or over-ripe fruit is ideal for drying

What can be dehydrated?

Lots of things, including:
  • most fruits and vegetables
  • meats and fish (make delicious jerky using lean ground mince or fresh, lean fish)
  • herbs, spices, nuts and seeds
  • crafts items such as fresh flowers and potpourri

Our Ultimate Dehydrator features

Features of our Ultimate Dehydrator include:
  • 4 stackable trays
  • fruit roll/leather sheet tray
  • jerky spice and cure
  • thermostat control
  • powerful 500-550 watt motor

Hints and things to remember

Our 44-page colour recipe book gives you all the
information you'll need about specific temperatures and
drying times for different fruits, vegetables and craft