Jam Making

Making jam isn’t as hard as you think.
You’ll impress your family and friends, save money
and have a tasty treat on hand no matter what the season.

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Conserves vs jams
Sticky Situations
Hints and things
to remember

Conserves vs jams

Conserves have more chunky pieces of fruit within the
mixture than jam does. Cooking methods are virtually the
same, although with conserves you add sugar to the fruit
earlier (or before) you start the cooking process. This firms up
the fruit, which helps to stop it from disintegrating.


Marmalade is rewarding and easy to make, and is much
cheaper and tastier than commercially prepared varieties. You
can use one type of citrus or a combination of what's
seasonally available. Add apples, pears, rhubarb or peaches -
or even liqueurs of your choice - for variety.

Sticky Situations

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Hints and things to remember

  • Choose your fruit carefully, looking for the best possible flavour and colour. Never use damaged or overripe fruit.
  • Use only preserving or granulated sugar.