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Preserving Jars


No.14 Bottle (Item 6314)
350ml capacity - takes Size 3 accessories.
Height:110mm Width:70mm
This product was deleted decades ago and due to popular demand has been re-manufactured. Ideal for bottling jams, jellies and chutneys.

No.20 Bottle (Item 6320 or 6321 Complete)
Height:155mm Width:70mm
600ml capacity - takes Size 3 accessories.

No.31 Bottle (Item 6331 or 6332 Complete)
1 litre capacity - takes Size 4 accessories.
Height:165mm Width:90mm
This jar has a wide neck and is particularly suited for preserving stone fruits such as plums, peaches and apricots.


Sauce Bottles (Item S6001)... new retro design with white lid
354ml/12oz capacity
Height:210mm Width:60mm 
White Cap screw top lid: 30mm wide
* image of sauce bottle is a drawing only

Sauce Bottles (item S6000) - no longer available, discontinued item
* black lid for S6000 still available for purchase (G1011)


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Code Description Price QTY
6314 No. 14 Jar (Box of 12) $48.00
6320 No. 20 Jar (Box of 12) $55.20
6331 No. 31 Jar (Box of 12) $70.20
S6001 Sauce Bottles (Box of 12) $19.80
Code Description Price QTY
6321 No. 20 Jar Complete (Box of 6) $47.70
6332 No. 31 Jar Complete (Box of 6) $58.50

"Complete" Preserving Jars make bottling easy as they comprise all you need for preserving and storing produce:

  • x1 preserving jar
  • x1 preserving ring
  • x1 lid (standard)
  • x1 clip
  • Product codes: 6321 & 6332

** Alternatively jars, rings, lids & clips can also be purchased separately (packets of 12)

All Fowlers Vacola Preserving Bottles are made from a heavyweight glass to withstand high preserving temperatures and processes. 

Sauce Bottles (Item S6001) 
These are our only screw top jars.  They take a white lid, which are single use only.  Ring, lid & clip not required for the Sauce Bottles.
Box of 12 sauce bottles contains 12 lids.  Additional lids are available for sale; please see "Preserving Lids" section for details.
Sauce Bottles can be placed into your Fowlers Preserving Unit, the safety cap will vacuum seal and concave upon cooling.

354ml/12oz capacity