Dragon Fruit Roll Ups


1 kg apples

500 g red dragon fruit

Honey (optional to taste )


Peel & core apples, slice and place in preserving pan with water, simmer gently.  Cut dragon fruit in half lengthwise and scoop out flesh, cut and place into preserving pan and simmer until soft, add honey if desired.  Puree with stick blender until completely smooth.  Lightly oil fruit leather sheet and pour on puree (approx 6mm thick ), ensuring it's as even as possible.  Dry on fruit and vegetable setting in your Fowlers Ultimate Dehydrator for 4-8 hours until its soft and pliable without any sticky spots.

Roll  up and store in an airtight container , a # 36 bottle with ring, lid and clip is ideal.

Other delicious flavour pairs include :

Apricot and yoghurt (yes you can use your bottled apricots)

Apple and Raspberry

Apple, Cinnamon & Honey

Boysenberry, Blackberry & Apple

Rhubarb & Strawberry.

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