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12 Kiwifruit

Coconut water (fresh if you can or store bought )

To bottle 

Peel kiwis and pack into # 14 or 20 bottles, depending on how large you like your smoothie.  Leave a decent headspace to allow for the...


 2 kg Apples

2 cups Rose Petals (including some darker colours if possible)

1 Vanilla Bean (optional)


A little sugar or honey (optional) about 1 tbsp per bottle


Peel and halve apples, place in your...

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1 lemon

1 orange

2 tsp black peppercorns (lightly bruised)

1 tsp pimento berries (lightly bruised)

4 cm piece ginger, peeled and sliced

500 mL apple cider vinegar...

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This isn't really a recipe but it's so worth making.  You'll need a clean #36 or #65 Bottle and a little time ....the result makes for the best cocktails or spritzers you've had in ages.  Perfect for lockdown Happy...


Ripe purple figs

Honey (raw,organic if possible)




Wash figs, slice in half and arrange in #20 Bottle cut side out, fill bottle with 50:50 water and verjuice, add tbls honey to each bottle...

Traditionally the original (or astringent variety) of persimmon have been grown here in Australia, this variety is best eaten when well-ripe.  When ripe they have a delicious honey-like flavour and aroma.  Since the...

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