Figs bottled with Orange and Mulled Wine

Ingredients  (makes 2 # 20 Bottles) 

Ripe purple figs - approx 1 kg

Shiraz 750 mL

2 Oranges ( skin only )

2 each cinnamon quill  , cloves, star anise

1 tbsp brown sugar (optional)



Wash figs, slice in half and arrange in #20 Bottle cut side out. To make mulled wine place shiraz, orange zest, spices and sugar in your Fowlers Preserving Pan and simmer gently for 5 minutes to allow flavours to release. Fill # 20 Bottle with mulled wine leaving a 12 mm headspace  free from fruit and liquid.  Seal with ring, lid and clip and process for 60 minutes in your Simple Natural Preserving Kit or as per your Preserver type.

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