Bottled Eggplant

Bottled Eggplant


6 medium eggplant ( choose to fit either # 20 or # 31 Bottle )

Sea Salt

Olive oil


Wash & dry eggplant

Hold with tongs over gas jet or cook on bbq until skin is burnished approx 5 mins moving regularly for an even cook.

Cut in half lengthwise and pack into # 20 or #31 Bottle, depending on size try to fit 1 eggplant per jar. Top bottle up with 50:50 water and vinegar, leaving 12 mm headspace, process as per your preserving kits instructsions ( 60 minutes for a Simple Natural Kit ) .

Serving Suggestion - Mid-week Dinner Hack 

For a quick & simple mid-week dinner, open the bottle drain liquid, pat dry and glaze / baste with a mixture of chilli, olive oil, miso paste & soy ( 2 tsp of each or to taste ).  Cook in airfryer for 15 minutes or until done.  Also delicious served in a bowl with warmed tomato & basil passata.  Healthy fast food :)

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