Spring Asparagus & Lemon Ferment

Spring Asparagus & Lemon Ferment


1 -2 Handfuls of Fresh Spring Asparagus (White or Green)

2 litres of Brine ( 6 tbs natural sea salt : 2 litres spring or filtered water)

1/2 Organic lemon or Yuzu sliced into approx 6 slices


1 -2 # 31 Fowlers Fermenting Jars with Lid and Airlock

2 Grape Vine Leaves ( or any other high tannin leaves ) per Jar

Gently pack asparagus into # 31 Bottle spears up, trim if necessary so that the top of the spear isn't any higher than the shoulder of the bottle.

Add brine,  add lemon or Yuzu pieces to the top of the jar and tuck vine leave over the top of the lemon.  Ensure all ingredients are submerged below the surface of the brine.  Add a weight in necessary, generally the vine leaves will suffice as a blanket and a weight.

Seal with Fowlers ring, fermenting lid and fit airlock filled with water.

Ferment at room temperature ( 22 degrees C) for 2 weeks and then taste daily. There will be zesty sour notes to indicate the fermentation has begun. Once you are happy with the level of fermentation, remove airlock , fit Size 4 Snap on Cap and store in the fridge.  Will keep for 3 months or so.

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