Seasonal Spring Kraut

Seasonal Spring Kraut


1/2 savoy or white cabbage

1/2 bunch radishes

2 carrots

1 tart green apple

Basic brine ( 2 litres filtered / tank water : 6 tbs sea salt )

1 -2 tbs sea salt

1-2 Fowlers No. 31 Bottles with fermenting lid sets


Julienne all ingredients, setting aside 1 whole cabbage leaf. Make brine by dissolving salt in water, toss julienned fruit and vegetables into a stainless steel bowl and massage well with 1 -2 tbs of sea salt.  The aim is to coat all ingredients and to start to draw some of the liquid from the mix.  Retain any liquid that is expressed.

Pack into spotlessly clean No.31 Bottles, use a rolling pin if required to pack - be careful not to damage the apple though.   Top up the jar with the liquid from the mix plus brine so that all ingredients are fully submerged.  Tuck the cabbage leaf over the top and add a weight if necessary.  Seal bottle with ring, fermenting lid, airlock and clip.  Fill the airlock to the level indicated with spring water and loosen the red cap.  Allow to ferment at room temperature (out of direct sunlight) for 5-10 days tasting every second day, once you're happy with the level of fermentation, remove airlock, fit Fowlers Size 4 Snap-on- Cap and store in the fridge.  Will keep for up to 6 months.

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