Plum Paste

A good glug of wine works really well in this recipe but is totally optional, just replace the quantity of wine with water if you prefer. Perfect served with cheese.


1.6 kg plums

Water Or

400 mL white, red, or port wine plus enough water to cover the plums (approx 250 mL)

1.25 kg sugar (warmed)

1/2 vanilla bean scraped (optional)

50g Fowlers Vacola Jamsetta


Peel, halve and core the plums.  Slice and place into your Fowlers Vacola Preserving Pan with vanilla (if you choose).  Just cover with water or wine and water.  Cook plums until very soft.  Push the plums through a fine sieve. For each 1.25 kg of pulp, add 1.25 kg sugar and 50g Jamsetta that has been warmed in a stainless steel bowl in a slow oven.   Return to your Preserving Pan & heat over a medium heat stirring until sugar has completely dissolved.  Continue to cook   (approx. 20  minutes) until the paste thickens.  Bottle into sterilised # 14 Fowlers bottles and seal immediately with Fowlers Vacola Kleerview Cellophane Covers or Fowlers Preserving Wax.

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