Bottled Persimmons

Traditionally the original (or astringent variety) of persimmon have been grown here in Australia, this variety is best eaten when well-ripe.  When ripe they have a delicious honey-like flavour and aroma.  Since the 1970's the Fuyu (Japanese variety) have also been cultivated commercially here.  It is flatter in appearance and is less astringent and sweeter.  It can be eaten ripe or un-ripe and can be bottled at any time.  The more astringent variety should be bottled before becoming ripe as it will become too soft for bottling !

Here are some of our favourites to team with Persimmons...

  • Bottled in a light syrup made with water and raw unfiltered honey.  Approx 1 dessert spoon of honey to a litre of water. 
  • Bottled with star anise, cinnamon quill & coconut sugar.
  • Bottled with finely grated fresh ginger.
  • Poached with pineapple and blended and dried in your Fowlers Vacola Ultimate Dehydrator for a sublime persimmon & pineapple fruit leather.  Top with chia seeds or raw, shaved coconut before drying.
  • Once bottled great served with mascarpone, a drizzle of honey and a little lime zest.

 To bottle 

Wash & dry persimmons, remove calyx (stem) if desired.

Cut or leave whole and pack into # 31 Fowlers bottles. Select your syrup or liquid from the above and top up the bottle, leaving a 12 mm headspace free from fruit & liquid.  Seal with ring, lid and clip and process as per you preserver type.

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