Bottled Mushrooms with Chestnuts & Herbs

There are so  many delicious varieties of Autumn mushrooms in season right now ; pine, slippery jack and cultivated varieties like golden oyster, shitake, lions mane to name a few.  These delicious flavours can be bottled and enjoyed year round with this simple recipe.  We've paired the mushrooms with another Autumn favourite chestnuts.


1 kg of your favourite mushrooms we used pine, slippery jack and shitake

1 kg chestnuts

Olive oil

Parsley 1/2 bunch finely chopped



Vinegar (we used raw organic apple cider )

Sea Salt



Make a cut in the flat side of the chestnuts with a sharp knife, place in saucepan and just cover with water.  Bring to the boil and boil for approx. 4 minutes.  Drain and peel.  Sit chestnuts on a clean tea towel to dry off while you prepare the mushrooms.  Clean mushrooms of any pine needles and grit with a pastry brush.  Chop to desired size and toss in a bowl with parsley, olive oil & season.  Add chestnuts and coat well.  Place on baking tray and into moderate oven for 25 minutes.  Pack into clean # 20 bottles.  Fill the bottles with 50:50 vinegar and sherry, leaving a 12mm headspace free from produce and liquid.  Seal with ring lid and clip and process for 60 minutes in your Simple Natural Preserving Kit or as per your Preserver type.

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