Cumquat Vodka

This isn't really a recipe but it's so worth making.  You'll need a clean #36 or #65 Bottle and a little time ....the result makes for the best cocktails or spritzers you've had in ages.  Perfect for lockdown Happy Hour !!


1 kg Cumquats

750 mL vodka 

2 sprigs fresh thyme  or bay

2 tbsp demerera sugar (or any other)


Wash and dry cumquats, prick right through with a skewer a couple of time ( this will hasten the process of flavour transfer from fruit to liquor.

Pack into # 36 or 65 Fowlers Bottle, sprinkle over sugar and aromats, top up with vodka (ensure all fruit is fully submerged ).  Seal with ring, s/s lid and clip. Store for as long as you can bear...enjoy !

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