Jam & Chutney Making

Jam & Chutney Making

Why use Jamsetta?
Jamsetta ensures that jam will set without the need for excessive boiling which ruins the colour of the jam.  Jams made with Jamsetta will have a brighter colour if the directions are followed.
How much Jamsetta do I use?
General rule: 1.5kg of raw fruit requires 1 x 50g pkt Jamsetta.  This will vary according to the different types of fruit used.
Does Jamsetta have a use by date?
Jamsetta will remain potent for several years if left unopened.

Can I use less sugar than the recommended level?
*To get a successful gel you must use the recommended 66% sugar levels.
*However if you require low sugar, keep the jam in the fridge for only 2-3 weeks unless they are bottled in a preserver – once opened it will then need refrigeration.  Jam will not set as effectively, if at all.
Can I double a jam recipe?
We do not recommend doubling jam recipes.  The Jam mixture should only fill 1/3 of the preserving pan being used, in order to allow for expansion when jam is on a full boil.
Jam that has not set when Jamsetta has been used
*Double check you jam recipe.  Roughly equal quantities of fruit and sugar should be used.  In marmalades if the water content is high (1 ½ - 2 litres) cooking time needs to be at least 1 hour to allow excess liquid to evaporate.  If this does not occur jam will not set.
*Not enough Jamsetta has been used.  More needs to be added to increase the gel.  Put jam back into the pan and bring to the boil, stir Jamsetta through, boil for 5-10 minutes then bottle.
*The reason that jam sometimes does not set even when Jamsetta is used is due to the different levels of pectin in fruits.  As the fruit ripens the pectin level drops, hence the need to add additional amounts of Jamsetta to ensure a good gel.  Some fruits are very low in pectin levels naturally, such as strawberries and tropical fruits.  They may therefore need additional Jamsetta.
Jam that has set too hard
*Too much Jamsetta has been used.  Pour jam back into pan & pour in small quantities of boiling water, stirring constantly until desired consistency is reached.
Why has mould appeared on the jam that I made with Jamsetta?
*Because it was covered whilst luke warm, jam should be covered whilst hot.
*Too much liquid was used in recipe.

Kleerview Covers
Why use Kleerview Covers?
Kleerview are square cellophane covers which when moistened are easily stretched over jars when jam is hot.  Kleerview come with 24 cellophane sheets, rubber bands and labels.
Can I use Kleerview Covers on Pickles Chutneys?
*No they are not suitable for the covering of pickles and chutneys which have high vinegar content, as the vinegar will evaporate, giving a thick, dry product.
*We recommend to use Fowlers Paraffin Preserving Wax
Why has my jam gone mouldy?
*The jam was either covered when luke warm and not hot.
*The Kleerview Cover was placed damp side down.  If placed damp side down, condensation will form on the underneath side of the cover resulting in mould.
*In addition, if dampening cellophane with water, it should be placed damp side up in order to stop water dripping on jam.  If you prefer to place damp side down, use vinegar to dampen your Kleerview Cover as per packet instructions.

Preserving Wax
Why use Preserving Wax?
*The airtight seal it creates ensures freshness and longevity, especially for those preserves with high vinegar content, such as pickles and chutneys.
*Jam will stay fresh for several years if Preserving Wax directions are followed.

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