Kiwi, Ginger & Lime Fruit Spread

Looking for something interesting to adorn your toast this winter that's really low in sugar? Try our delicious ... Kiwi, Ginger and Lime Fruit Spread

1.5 kg Kiwi Fruit
4 limes, zested
10 cm piece fresh ginger, finely grated
100g Fowlers Jamsetta (2packets)

Peel kiwi fruit, cut into halves and place in Fowlers Maslin Preserving Pan with lime zest and ginger and just cover with cold water.  It’s important not to add too much water at this stage.

Cook gently until the fruit has softened and the overall mass has been reduced by approximately one half, this generally takes 20 minutes or so. The consistency should resemble thick honey.

Add 100g (2 packets) of Jamsetta bring to the boil and boil vigorously for 10 minutes. You should notice considerable thickening at this stage. If not add another packet of Jamsetta and re-boil. 

Pour into warm, dry Fowlers #14 bottles, seal with ring, lid and clip, place into Fowlers Preserving Kit and process as per preserver type.

Fruit spreads can be stored in the pantry and have a very long shelf life. Once opened they need to be refrigerated and should be consumed within 2 weeks.

Always use a clean spoon for serving the spread from the jar.

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