Pavlova with roasted apricots and mascarpone

Crystalized ginger would work well shredded over the top 


Bottled apricots
2 tbsp. coconut sugar
1 vanilla pod split
60g coconut sugar
150g Crème fraîche
100g mascarpone
2 egg whites whipped to medium peak
1 punnet blackberries



4-6 whites (no yolk)
260g icing sugar
3tblspn corn flour
1 tsp cream tartar
2 tsp white vinegar
1 vanilla pod separated



1. Set oven to 130°C

2. Beat the egg white until it start to form soft peaks

3. Add sugar in three batches while still beating

4. Continue until glossy and holds shape

5. Tip meringue mix onto a lined tray into a round shape

6. Don’t flatten too much

7. Bake 90 mins and then turn off the oven

8. Cool completely and then remove

9. Toss apricots in 2 tbsp. coconut sugar and vanilla

10. BBQ or grill until the edges are scorched

11. Cool completely



1. Mix together the mascarpone, Crème fraîche and coconut sugar. Fold through the egg white very lightly to avoid it splitting.

2. Top the meringue with the mascarpone mix.

3. Top with apricots, juice and fresh blackberries


*Replace mascarpone mix with coconut yoghurt and sugar as an alternative for lactose free.
*Ground coconut sugar works well as an alternative to icing sugar 

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