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Homemade Vanilla Essence is easy to make and will reward you every time you cook or bake.

Yield 1 x # 20 Fowlers Bottle


3 Vanilla pods spilt, lengthways

700 mL vodka (or brandy)


Autumn is olive harvest time, this recipe can be used for green or black olives.  A vintage #65 Fowlers Bottle is ideal for olive preserving and we have customised lids and airlocks available which means making...

If you're not lucky enough to own our vintage 1 pint fruit juice bottles, we do have 250 mL 'sauce' bottles available with a screw cap whcih are ideal for cordials as well as sauces. See our stire for...


800g cucumbers

2 sml brown onions

1/4 cup fine salt

250 mL white vinegar

1 cup granulated sugar

3 tsp brown mustard seeds

1/4 tsp home- dried tumeric (or store...

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400g young ginger
500ml rice vinegar
220g white sugar
125ml white wine vinegar
125ml water


Peel the ginger, reserving the peel.  Using a mandolin or very sharp knife, cut...

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