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This kraut has several layers of flavour complexity as it is smoked using dried apple skins as well as woodchips (*we use dried trimmings from the autumn pruning of our apple trees).  It could easily be adapted for...


1 -2 Handfuls of Fresh Spring Asparagus (White or Green)

2 litres of Brine ( 6 tbs natural sea salt : 2 litres spring or filtered water)

1/2 Organic lemon or Yuzu sliced into approx 6 slices


1 -2 # 31...

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Have you ever used Italian style mustard fruits? They are perfect paired with cheeses, cured meats and to make a warm chicken salad with toasted pine nuts, radicchio and wild rocket.
During winter, quinces,...

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This recipe is from an original collection of shrubs penned by Joseph Fowler.
We believe that the collection dates from the mid 1920's... we've tweaked it a little for you.
Shrubs are a concentrated fruit...

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