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Ripe purple figs

Honey (raw,organic if possible)




Wash figs, slice in half and arrange in #20 Bottle cut side out, fill bottle with 50:50 water and verjuice, add tbls honey to each bottle...

Traditionally the original (or astringent variety) of persimmon have been grown here in Australia, this variety is best eaten when well-ripe.  When ripe they have a delicious honey-like flavour and aroma.  Since the...

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A good glug of wine works really well in this recipe but is totally optional, just replace the quantity of wine with water if you prefer. Perfect served with cheese.


1.6 kg plums

Water Or

400 mL white, red,...

This recipe was requested by one of our  Insta community.  If you don't have saffron don't worry just leave it out and add some ginger or star anise. Perfect served with cheese.


1.6 kg Pears


1.25 kg...

The earthiness of the beetroot partners so well with the tartness of the cranberry, makes for a great salad with quinoa, rocket & goats cheese.


2 kg beetroot

Raw ,organic, apple cider vinegar (or other...

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For full flavour & colour ensure your quinces are well ripened - you'll notice a strong, sweet fragrance.

Quince jelly is ideal to use to de-glaze a roasting pan and will lend a lovely richness to your sauce or...

2 kg ripe tomatoes - chopped

2 brown onions- chopped

2 brown onions -chopped

2 cloves garlic - crushed

250 mL cider vinegar

200g brown sugar

2 tsp rosemary - finely chopped

3 tsp salt

10 peppercorns

3 cloves -...

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